Remote Workers on Zoom: A Hacker’s Perfect Target

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Zoom has been around as a reliable way of communication with less hassle than other video conference software and with more privacy features than Skype.

However, regardless of their privacy feature, Zoom users are now being targeted by cyber criminals, who have created a version of the software with a backdoor that allows them to easily hack your computer. Find out how you can avoid becoming a target through Zoom. 

The Backdoor of a Pandemic

The rise of remote working due to COVID-19 has pushed many workers to access software that they would probably not think of using otherwise. One of these pieces of software is Zoom, which is commonly used for online classes and to communicate with colleagues. 

This necessity to work from home has led cyber criminals to exploit the situation by taking advantage of users who are tricked into installing RevCode WebMonitor RAT through a malicious copy of Zoom. How do you avoid installing it? By installing any type of software, not just Zoom, directly from their website instead of from third-party sites.

While most people already know that any software download should come from direct websites of the software, many users are targeted through phishing emails. When a user downloads Zoom through a third-party website, the user sees the software with all of the branding and features as if they had downloaded it directly from the legitimate website.

The only difference is that once downloaded, the installer not only delivers Zoom, but it also executes the WebMonitor remote access tool. All of this gets accomplished without the slightest need to get hacked as users install it into their system themselves. 

Once the WebMonitor remote access tool is installed on Windows systems, attackers have a backdoor with full access to observe remotely basically anything that goes on in your computer. Not only can your activity be monitored, but it can also be recorded. Through this backdoor, hackers gain access to your data and can record and take screenshots of webcam streams and any activity taking place on your computer. 

A Cause for Suspicion

One would never come to think out of nowhere that the software they downloaded was compromised. In order for you to suspect something is wrong with your software, you must first find a few discrepancies in your download, but hackers are very clever at ensuring their software is not faulty.

To achieve this, hackers provide you with a downloading bundle which includes an outdated version of Zoom and WebMonitor. Your Zoom software will work perfectly fine and as suspected, however, if you were to look into the running version, you may notice you have an older version. For example, Zoom version 4.8 instead of version 5.0, which would be the most current version.

In this age of cyber threats and attacks, it is important to always make sure you have the most updated version of your software downloaded on all of your devices. Keeping your software up to date will mitigate your chances of being a victim and will help you stay more secure online.

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