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How To Run a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) To Reduce Your Privacy Risks

A privacy impact assessment is a process that is used to analyse the effects of a project or program on the privacy of a group …

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What Should a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy Include, and Why?

BYOD is becoming a common practice amongst many businesses. A study indicated that about 70% of professionals globally would use their devices for work at …

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Why Microsoft 365 Family Is Not Good for Business

Microsoft 365 is a popular suite of apps used by most small and medium-sized businesses, it makes tasks management easier while improving productivity and efficiency …

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Why a Secure Network at Home Matters: Improving Your Home Wifi Network Security

A house network is usually comprised of devices like computers, game consoles, printers, mobile applications, tablets, or smartphones which are all connected to the home …

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How Cyber Security By Design Helps

Cybercrimes are continuously becoming more common and the cost of handling these cybercrimes is increasing day by day. On average 780,000 data records are lost …

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What is Social Engineering: 5 Common Attacks & 12 Prevention Tips

Social engineering is a technique used to trick individuals to give away personal information through the internet. This information is then used for performing fraud …

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