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How To Prevent Your Mobile Phone SIM Card Being Hacked: SIM Hacking Explained

Do you know that you can become a victim of identity theft and even lose your life savings within a few hours through a SIM …

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Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach Scheme (NDB) Within the Privacy Act

Australia protects and regulates privacy rights across all its federal, state, and territory laws. Federal Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles …

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What Is a Cyber Security Posture and How Do You Evaluate It?

A business’ cyber security posture refers to the status of security for all digital assets in the business. Some of these digital assets may include …

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How Does Email Hijacking Work? The 4 Types of Hacker-in-the-Middle Attacks

Email hijacking works by using three main techniques namely; social engineering, email spoofing, or inserting a virus into a computer. In social engineering, the hacker …

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Data Encryption 101 for Small Business

The goal of encryption is to ensure information cannot be accessed by a third party. This is done through a complex algorithm that ensures encryption …

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What is a Data Breach ? (with examples)

A data breach is an incident where sensitive information which is private and confidential is accessed without prior authorisation. There are plenty of data breaches …

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