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Award-Winning Cybersecurity

Kaesim is an award-winning Australian cyber security company protecting businesses since 2015.

At the 2023 Australian Cybersecurity Awards we were short-listed from over 200 nominations nationally.

Nominated in 5 categories, finalists in 3 and overall winner of the Cyber Security Professional of the Year (Financial Services).

  • Winner: Cybersecurity Professional of the Year (Financial Services)
  • Finalist: Cybersecurity Excellence Award (Best of the Best)
  • Finalist: Cybersecurity Consultant of the Year

Including category nominations for Cybersecurity Consulting Company of the Year, and Cybersecurity Professional of the Year (Professional Services).

Cybersecurity is not our work life, it's our life’s work.

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Client Reviews

ReneeMortgage Broker
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I honestly can't tell you how much it means to know that you and your team are keeping my business and client's data safe.

It has always been a constant worry, given how clever criminals are becoming each day and it completely blew my mind when you showed us just how easily it would be for us to be hacked.

I love that you provide not only an outstanding service, but you also provide us with relevant updates and clearly explain the importance of Cyber Security.

I wish more people knew about Kaesim - I tell everyone I know now about the importance of keep their business safe, especially in the Mortgage Broking Industry. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for always being so readily available and responsive.
JoanneMortgage Broker
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The team at Kaesim Security enable me to sleep at night!

We lead a very privileged position working with our client's most valuable & personal data. With our biggest threat of disruption to business & to our clients' lives, being a cyber attack, knowing we have Kaesim in our corner is priceless.

They have implemented policies, programs and tools into our systems, that our previous IT provider never ever mentioned to me. Their care factor, quick response and proactive monitoring and testing is superb.

When speaking with fellow colleagues in my industry, I am consistently highly recommending Kaesim Security.

Thank you for your amazing customer service and advice and for enabling me to sleep at night 🙂
WengMortgage Broker
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The team at Kaesim have been absolute professionals from the very first contact. They are in touch with the SME sector and have a great understanding of our business.

They have tailored solutions that suit perfectly with our needs and are constantly updating us with information and system requirements to best protect our business.

The team are very patient in answering all our questions. Explaining all the associated risks, how to mitigate against these threats and what systems to have in place in order to protect ourselves thoroughly.

With the team working with us and monitoring our business 24/07, we are able to have a peace of mind to work freely and focus on our core business.
TiffanyMortgage Broker
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As a business that is 100% paperless and online I needed a solution to protect my business, staff and client data.

I was given Kaesim’s details as I had no idea where to start. From the moment I spoke to them I felt confident that we would be protected. Kaesim are incredibly knowledgeable, professional and nothing has ever been too much trouble.

I couldn’t recommend them more highly, truly experts in their field.
SusanMortgage Broker
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Having Kaesim looking after my business gives me peace of mind that my business is in good hands. They provides sound advice and ongoing first-class service.

The team are always there to help with prompt responses. Kaesim is a business genuinely committed to helping protect small businesses thrive knowing that their client's data are protected.
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Kaesim Cybersecurity protecting our business has been invaluable for us, as we are a 100% remote team working with sensitive client data.

Not only do we have peace of mind that we are protected from attacks, we are also confident that we are supported by a very knowledgeable team.

Being regularly updated on industry standards, local attacks and all things cyber-security has been invaluable, particularly with the recent large-scale attacks across Optus and Medibank.

The team always go above and beyond to ensure the security of our business and our team.
ScottFinancial Planner
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As a small business owner, juggling many different priorities, we need to be able to ensure we can focus our time and energy on our core business. However there are many other areas that need to be addressed such as cyber security. We don’t have the time nor the expertise to do this properly, and the risks are existential for the business.

Having a trusted partner in Kaesim who can provide their expertise and assistance allows us to focus on what we need to do to grow our business effectively. It also shows our clients that we care about them and their privacy and security, which is front of mind for more and more people given the media exposure and growing awareness of cyber security risks in the general population.
ZacWealth Manager
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Kaesim's expertise and dedication have helped my business to audit and secure our IT systems and protect confidential client data from cyber threats.

Thanks to Kaesim's excellent work, I feel confident in the security and integrity of my business's IT systems and client data. I am grateful for their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to ensuring the safety of their clients' assets.
RowanMortgage Broker
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I want to thank the team at Kaesim for giving me peace of mind in such crazy times for Cybersecurity (Optus, Medibank data breaches).

I am one of thousands of small businesses that rely on Cybersecurity professionals to ensure that they are protected against threats that we know very little about until it is too late.

Being in financial services it is so important to protect ourselves and our customers, Kaesim makes that easy!
ParisMortgage Broker
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What it means having Kaesim Cybersecurity protecting my business and client data:

1) My clients have confidence in me that I am protecting their private information, they don't usually ask me if I have cyber security but I do deliberately convey this.

2) I also have confidence that I can continue in my everyday work without the worry that there will be a breach.

3) I can easily get in contact with the team to ask any questions or look for guidance if I think something is suspicious.
MatthewMortgage Broker
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The team at Kaesim security provide my business piece of mind that additional layers of security are in place and consistently monitored. And ongoing Cyber Security training for my staff.

They also provide me the capability to employ staff directly overseas (saving on employment expense and opening the world up as a potential employment market).

I am able to consult with the team at Kaesim whenever issues arise, allowing me the opportunity to concentrate on my core business, finance. And they are a friendly and knowledgeable team.
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I have recently engaged Kaesim Cybersecurity to monitor our PCs and mobile phones. After the recent data breaches of major Australian organisations, I realised the potential catastrophic impact such an event would have on my business, our team and our clients.

I feel much safer knowing that Kaesim have systems and monitoring in place to minimise the effects of any breach of our IT systems.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kaesim Cybersecurity to any business needing to manage this significant area of risk.
DeanMortgage Broker
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Our client’s security and data protection are paramount to our business. Knowing the team from Kaesim Cybersecurity is monitoring all aspects, 24/7, we feel safe and can pass on this reassurance to our networks and database ensuring the ultimate protection is enabled.
AndrewMortgage Broker
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I'm constantly reading about businesses that have been destroyed by cyber crime so it gives me great peace of mind knowing that all of my computers are being monitored for unauthorized activity 24/7.

The team at Kaesim have been excellent to deal with and I now have someone to turn to whenever I have cyber security related questions.
JarrodMortgage Broker
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The team at Kaesim have been outstanding. Our business realised we needed to elevate the security of our customers data and Kaesim came highly recommended by industry peers.

Ever since we've worked with them, we have felt peace of mind and assured that our customers, staff and business data is protected to the highest standards. Everyone at Kaesim is a pleasure to deal with and we are grateful to have them on our team!
HelenMortgage Broker
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The team at Kaesim have provided us with excellent professional service.

They are very knowledgeable and skilled and always goes the extra mile to assist us particularly with setting up our office IT security including protecting our staff working overseas.

In addition to this they have helped advise some of our clients on how to deal with cyber attacks which is above and beyond our expectations. Kaesim’s communication and follow up care has been exceptional.
FionaMortgage Broker
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Since engaging Kaesim Cybersecurity to protect my business last year I have peace of mind knowing my business is protected by experts in the field and I can get on with running my business.

With the threat of cyber attacks increasing constantly and my finance business being heavily reliant on data security, this service is critical.

The team are extremely knowledgeable, professional and thorough with their advice and management of my business cyber security.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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