Cyber Security Awareness Training

Around 91% of cyber attacks begin with human involvement.

This means your employees are the front line defence in protecting your business.

If employees keep clicking on anything and everything your cybersecurity will continually fail.

We train your employees to make smarter cyber decisions every day.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

The objective of cyber security awareness training is improving your employees cyber hygiene to keep your business protected and safe from cyber attacks.

The reason employees need these training programs is because they're your first line of defence.

 The best cyber security awareness programs have three elements:

  • Train your employees (we have access to the world’s largest library of cyber awareness training content).

  • Test your employees (we provide best-in-class fully automated simulated phishing (fake email) attacks with thousands of templates and industry specific phishing tests).

  • Track the results (we provide you online dashboards and employee risk scores with reporting and stats on both their phishing tests and training activities).

Are your employees currently trained to identify and avoid social engineering attacks (scams/fraud)?

Do your employees know how to safely handle suspicious emails and attachments?

The Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our cyber awareness training helps your employees learn the tactics behind bulk phishing, spear phishing (employee targeting), ransomware and social engineering to better protect themselves and your business.

Essentially we help build the “human firewall” in your business.

In 2023, the training platform analysed data from 12.5 million employees in over 35,000 businesses located in 19 different industries across 7 geographical regions.

It found before training that 35% of employees (1 in 3) failed simulated phishing tests. After 3 months of training the employee failure rate was reduced to 6% (1 in 17). This is an improvement of 81% after training.

Your employees business (and personal accounts) are exposed to sophisticated social engineering attacks every week.

And phishing attacks (fake/scam emails) attempt to steal your employee's passwords and gain access to your critical business systems.

So cyber awareness training for your employees helps strengthen the first line of defence protecting your business from security breaches.

Online Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our cyber awareness training is 100% online and self-paced. It comprises educational videos, training modules, assessments and automated phishing games.

You'll have access to the best-in-class phishing platform (fake email testing) combined with the largest library of interactive web-based training materials at your fingertips.

This includes 1,000+ interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters, etc.

Our cybersecurity training program covers:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security Culture Training
  • Social Engineering (Scams/Fraud)
  • Phishing Email Simulations
  • Spear Phishing (Targeted Attacks)
  • Impersonation (Fake) Emails
  • Ransomware Training

All training is personalised to each employee based on their risk score which is automatically calculated from their ongoing testing and training results. Employees can check their risk score and training dashboard anytime via our online portal.

Once a month employees are emailed training activities to complete online at their own pace (eg; watch a short video, complete an assessment, etc).

Employees are also regularly sent simulated phishing emails to test and improve their skills in identifying and reporting scams, fraud and hackers impersonating your clients and other employees in your business.

Just like practicing fire-drills, practicing how to identify and handle phishing emails is the best way improve employee cyber awareness.

Features included in our cyber awareness training program:

  1. Automated training campaigns: We fully automate deploying your customised training so it's hands-free for you. This includes scheduling training reminders for your employees.
  2. AI recommended training: Powered by machine learning, the platform provides training suggestions customised to each individual employee based on their phishing test results.

  3. Industry Benchmarking: Lets you compare your business with other similar sized businesses within your industry.

  4. Advanced Reporting: Provides actionable metrics and insights into the effectiveness of the cyber awareness training. We can generate over 60 different types of reports to help you understand where improvements are needed.

  5. Monthly email exposure checks: Each month we run deep web searches for exposed email addresses across business social media and hundreds of breach databases to identify at-risk employees in your business.

  6. Regular assessments: Phishing, knowledge and culture assessments enable you to objectively measure employee progress and compare your business to others within the industry.

  7. Social engineering indicators: This report card highlights red flags that employees miss in phishing emails and dynamically adjusts their training to help reinforce learning and better behaviours.

  8. Smart groups: Dynamically feeds back employee test results and email behaviours to customise future phishing campaigns and training activities for each employee.

  9. Virtual risk officer: Provides insights and actionable metrics helping you understand the "attack surface" of your business. This includes dynamic risk scores for each employee and your business overall, and identifies employees who might be more vulnerable to phishing attacks.

The Cost of Cyber Awareness Training

Our online cyber awareness training and phishing platform only costs $129 a year per employee.

It's a very small cost compared to the cost of having your business shut down for weeks by a ransomware attack. This alone can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

The cost of not training your employees is a data breach when they click on anything and everything without thinking first.

And the cost of financial scams and fraud caused by untrained employees being tricked by hackers (social engineering) into providing access to your computer systems.

And the cost of employees disclosing your passwords when replying to impersonation emails and spear phishing (employee targeted) attacks.

These are the costs of not training your employees in cyber awareness.

And you can avoid them all with our cyber awareness training program for less than 35 cents a day per employee.

Why choose Kaesim for your Cyber Awareness Training

Our cyber awareness training is an online course that’s different (it's not boring).

We have access to the world’s largest library of cyber awareness training currently educating over 35,000 businesses globally since 2010.

This award-winning program starts with testing employee email behaviours (via phishing tests) to establish a baseline.

It continues with online self-paced training (fun interactive modules, on-demand videos, games, posters, newsletters, etc) providing essential knowledge.

And monitors the results ongoing with regular re-testing to check for improvements so you know it’s working.

This means you'll have peace of mind knowing your business is better protected from cyber attacks because your employees are cyber aware.

Ready to protect your business with cyber aware employees?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because 60% of small businesses go broke within 6 months of a major cyber-attack.

Without cybersecurity protection your business can be impacted 7 ways: financial loss (fraud), business disruption (lost sales), data loss, reputation damage, post-breach costs, and customer lawsuits. Anti-virus software is not enough anymore.

In addition, data privacy laws now require you protect customer data or face govt fines up to $2.1M. And if you’re self-employed or a company director your personal assets can also be at risk. This means fines and lawsuits can shut down your business permanently even if the hackers don’t.

Our cybersecurity service keeps your business protected from hackers using the latest and best tech adapting as your business and the world around you changes. We provide ongoing advice based on your specific needs, industry compliance requirements and legal obligations.

In addition, our monitoring and control centre staff are available 24/7 to support you and your business whenever you need it.
Anti-virus software covers less than 20% of the cybersecurity protection your business needs. Things have changed (and so have data privacy laws) which means anti-virus software is not enough anymore. You are now legally obligated to protect your customer’s data.

In addition, your IT support are not experts in cybersecurity. It’s like asking your doctor about a tooth cavity, instead of your dentist. They know a little but are not experts. The reality is, cybersecurity is too complex and time-consuming nowadays for your average IT team.

Our technical team includes highly trained degree qualified cybersecurity engineers with years of experience (many with masters degrees in cybersecurity). They hold industry leading certifications such as CISSP, CEH, CCNA, Security+, Network+ and CWNA which means your business is always provided the very best expert advice.

In fact, we regularly work with IT support teams to ensure cybersecurity protections integrate seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure.
No problem. If the plans above don't fit your business or situation we can create a custom plan for you. Just call us to discuss your needs and we'll quote you from there.
The first step is a discovery call so we can fully understand your specific situation and complete a needs analysis. This takes around 15-30 minutes and is free of charge.

From there we'll confirm which cybersecurity plan suits you best, or create a custom plan if you have different needs. We'll send you a quote for the plan detailing all the specifics and total setup and monthly fees.

Once you're happy to proceed we'll contact your existing IT team (if you have one) to obtain access to your systems and start the risk assessment work and report build. Once completed and any issues identified, we'll commence the setup and configuration work on your network and systems.

If you'd like to get started today call us on 1300 523 746 or click the chatbot below to book a call time that suits.

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