Save $15,000 a year when hiring your offshore staff.

Avoid offshore agencies, hire staff direct and save. Learn how in 30 minutes, free.
This webinar shows you how to hire offshore staff directly yourself without using an agency. Learn how in 6 steps and save $15,000 a year per employee.

Old Way vs Better Way

Tired of overpriced offshore agencies underpaying your highly valued offshore staff?
Sick of high staff turnover, and inexperienced untrained staff?
Worried you're not getting value for money?
There is a better way > Hire your staff direct and cut out the middleman.

The Offshore Agency Problem(s)

1. No pricing transparency

What are your staff really being paid?

2. Agency goals don't match yours

High agency profits = low paid staff = poor staff retention.

3. Staff quality problems

High staff turnover, inexperienced and untrained staff.

4. Poor value for money

Paying for offshore offices but your staff work from home?

Spend 3 minutes to save $15,000.

Watch this 3 minute video summary of the webinar and see how to save $15,000 a year per hire.

Why Hire Staff Yourself?

Offshore Agency

Direct Hire

How to Hire Offshore Staff without an Agency and Save $15,000 a Year

Avoid offshore agencies, hires staff direct and save.
Learn how in 30 minutes, free.

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