Business Backup & Data Recovery

Lost, deleted or hacked data can cause major headaches. Ransomware that kidnaps your files can shut down your business overnight.

If you lose customer data you risk government fines, reputation damage and potential lawsuits.

Unfortunately nobody thinks about backup until it’s too late.

What are Data Backup Services?

It's a common myth that cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive are also data backups (they're not).

If ransomware infects your computer it will sync to your files in the cloud and infect them too.

So cloud storage is not a backup solution. Cyber insurance providers don't consider them backups, and even Microsoft recommends keeping separate data backups to One Drive.

A compliant data backup service performs daily backups of all your primary data (ie; all emails, files, calendars, etc) for every employee.

These backup systems are stored onshore in a local data center with unlimited history. They are protected against ransomware attacks by isolating the backup servers from the internet.

Your stored data is also protected using immutable storage, two-factor authentication (2FA) and least privilege access rules ensuring the highest standards in cybersecurity and data protection.

In addition, daily integrity checks are run on all backups which are ISO 27001, HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

The Benefits of Data Backup Services

Data backup services provide these core benefits: protection against data loss, quick recovery from data loss and system failures, and compliance with industry regulations.

Our cloud backup services safeguard your critical business data, minimises business downtime, and ensures compliance with legal and cyber insurance requirements. It also provides an additional layer of cybersecurity defence, and protection from malware and ransomware attacks.

You'll have peace of mind knowing your business data is secure and can be restored at anytime. By using our cloud backup service as part of your overall disaster recovery strategy you'll also reduce cyber risk, protect your operations and avoid costly business disruptions.

Best of all, the business backup runs automatically each day without any manual effort required by you. This means no more weekly backups to external hard drives that waste your time and are a hassle.

What is Business Data Recovery?

Data recovery is part of your data backup strategy and involves the process of getting back (restoring) the data you've lost or had deleted. This includes data corruption in the event of systems or hardware failure.

When data loss has been identified, our backup service can provide you with immediate and secure access to all the data in your backup storage. A daily incremental backup provides a great backup and recovery solution.

This means you can find and restore the lost or deleted data within minutes. Which means your business can keep operating at 100% capacity and avoid costly downtime.

Business backup and recovery is crucial for mitigating the impact of data loss incidents, allowing businesses to regain access to critical information, and minimise business disruptions in the face of security breaches or unforeseen events.

The Cost of Business Data Backup & Data Recovery

Protecting your data costs as little as $39 a month.

This includes an automated daily backup of all your business data (ie; all emails, files, calendars, etc) for every employee.

It's a very small cost compared to the cost of having your business shut down for weeks from a ransomware attack. This alone can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

The cost of your employees deleting data accidently (or on purpose) is another cost our business backup helps you avoid.

And the cost of being non-compliant with your industry and legal requirements.

And the cost of having your cyber insurance claims rejected for being non-compliant with your policy (eg; rejected for not having a daily backup in place).

These are the costs of not having business data backup and recovery.

And you can avoid them all with our automated daily backup service that costs around $1 a day.

Why choose Kaesim for your Data Recovery & Backup

Good cybersecurity means having a robust business backup and data recovery strategy to ensure your business data is protected and can be recovered easily.

We backup and protect your business data using the latest backup software and industry best practices to deliver reliable and secure data recovery and backup services.

This keeps your business secured for the long run and helps future-proof your cybersecurity.

Choosing our daily backup service to protect your business data provides you:

  1. A low cost daily automated backup of all your business data (ie; emails, files, calendars, etc) for every employee.
  2. Protection from the loss of critical business data.
  3. Protection from ransomware attacks.
  4. Avoids costly business disruption and downtime.
  5. Avoids the time, cost and hassle of manually doing backups yourself every day.
  6. Keeps you compliant with with industry, legal and insurance requirements.

This means you'll have peace of mind knowing your business data is protected so you can sleep at night safe and secure from cyber attacks and insider threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because 60% of small businesses go broke within 6 months of a major cyber-attack.

Without cybersecurity protection your business can be impacted 7 ways: financial loss (fraud), business disruption (lost sales), data loss, reputation damage, post-breach costs, and customer lawsuits. Anti-virus software is not enough anymore.

In addition, data privacy laws now require you protect customer data or face govt fines up to $2.1M. And if you’re self-employed or a company director your personal assets can also be at risk. This means fines and lawsuits can shut down your business permanently even if the hackers don’t.

Our cybersecurity service keeps your business protected from hackers using the latest and best tech adapting as your business and the world around you changes. We provide ongoing advice based on your specific needs, industry compliance requirements and legal obligations.

In addition, our monitoring and control centre staff are available 24/7 to support you and your business whenever you need it.
Anti-virus software covers less than 20% of the cybersecurity protection your business needs. Things have changed (and so have data privacy laws) which means anti-virus software is not enough anymore. You are now legally obligated to protect your customer’s data.

In addition, your IT support are not experts in cybersecurity. It’s like asking your doctor about a tooth cavity, instead of your dentist. They know a little but are not experts. The reality is, cybersecurity is too complex and time-consuming nowadays for your average IT team.

Our technical team includes highly trained degree qualified cybersecurity engineers with years of experience (many with masters degrees in cybersecurity). They hold industry leading certifications such as CISSP, CEH, CCNA, Security+, Network+ and CWNA which means your business is always provided the very best expert advice.

In fact, we regularly work with IT support teams to ensure cybersecurity protections integrate seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure.
No problem. If the plans above don't fit your business or situation we can create a custom plan for you. Just call us to discuss your needs and we'll quote you from there.
The first step is a discovery call so we can fully understand your specific situation and complete a needs analysis. This takes around 15-30 minutes and is free of charge.

From there we'll confirm which cybersecurity plan suits you best, or create a custom plan if you have different needs. We'll send you a quote for the plan detailing all the specifics and total setup and monthly fees.

Once you're happy to proceed we'll contact your existing IT team (if you have one) to obtain access to your systems and start the risk assessment work and report build. Once completed and any issues identified, we'll commence the setup and configuration work on your network and systems.

If you'd like to get started today call us on 1300 523 746 or click the chatbot below to book a call time that suits.

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