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In today’s world, almost every employee works with a computer device. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or even a tablet, all come in handy in today’s work environment.

With such portable devices, it means employees can work from anywhere apart from the company’s premises. Although this mobile evolution is very beneficial to employees and companies, it comes with great risk factors especially those which are security-related.

This means more management work for the IT department in your company since all these devices in different locations have to be properly and efficiently managed.

The IT personnel also have to ensure any corporate data shared on such mobile devices is properly secured. This is where Google Device Management comes in handy.

Several features make this tool attractive to companies and small businesses. Some of the benefits include;

1. Your Company’s Data Will Be Secured

Google mobile device management is accessible on any device, anywhere and anytime. Your employees can easily access company information and not be restricted by the location factor. They don’t have to be in the company’s environment.

It is crucial to secure all these devices accessing your data from anywhere. With mobile management, you will reduce the risk of your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Google Device Management allows you to remotely configure mobile devices (company owned or BYOD) which are business-related . With the mobile management tool, you can manage different settings, permissions, and your company’s security policies without the need to install an agent on employees’ devices (unless their devices are running older versions of Android where the Google Apps Device Policy app may need to be installed).

This process is convenient since all operations will be done from a central point. If the IT admin wants to enforce strong passwords or lock screens, they can do it centrally and remotely.

When an employee leaves the company, erasing confidential data from the employee’s device becomes a simple process with Google Device Management.

Google Workspace has basic and advanced mobile management versions.

Basic Google Mobile Device Management

With basic Google Mobile Device Management, you can benefit from certain desirable features including;

  1. Wiping your company’s corporate and sensitive data from stolen or lost devices.
  2. See all devices accessing your company’s corporate data in the Google Admin console.
  3. Enforce security controls for data safety. Such controls may include requiring that all mobile devices have strong passwords.
  4. Ensuring android devices have work apps that you prefer.
  5. Track the mobile device trends and usage.
  6. Publish your own private apps and distribute them.

Enterprise Google Mobile Device Management

With the enterprise option, you will have more control of mobile security settings. Some of the capabilities you will have with the enterprise option are;

  1. Keeping the personal apps separate from work apps on android devices with an added work profile.
  2. Enforce better security policies like strong passwords for the devices.
  3. Making the apps you prefer available to your users’ catalog of recommended apps in both Android and iOS.
  4. Restricting access to settings and other device features like screen captures and mobile networks.
  5. Monitor how the devices you manage are compliant with the policies you set and get reports about features like OS versions and the users.

2. Endpoint Mobile Device Management Made Easy

With Google Device Management, basic mobile management within your company will be more efficient. This management will be done without limiting your employees to a certain number of mobile devices no matter the operating system.

Endpoint device management is suitable for the bring your Own device (BYOD) culture or when employees use the company-owned devices.

This basic mobile management solution will keep your company’s data secure even when employees use their personal devices to access it.

3. Endpoint Verification

Endpoint verification in Google Device Management allows the administrators to manage devices and track mobile usage and how the devices access corporate data.

Endpoint verification in Google Workspace MDM (formerly G Suite) can access the following information;

  1. Emails address and usernames.
  2. Whether devices are encrypted and if they have passwords.
  3. If your company’s devices use Chrome, the admins can see whether the devices comply with the company’s policies.
  4. The device type, ID, and the operating systems.
  5. The first and last devices that accessed the company’s data.

Google Device Management Desirable Features

Several features make the Google Device Management solution desirable to companies. They are;

1. Group Mobile Device Management

This enables the admin to grant different access and privileges to the different types of group users in a company.

2. Blocking devices

Google MDM prohibits unapproved and malicious devices. It also prohibits those who have been terminated from accessing the company’s resources.

3. Whitelisting Applications

Google Mobile Device Management helps administrators maintain a list of applications that are approved and can be downloaded within the company.

4. The Google Ecosystem

Google Device Management is part of the greater Google platform. This means there will be a seamless integration. Your company will benefit from Google services like single sign-on, cloud identity management, and security.

5. Endpoint Management

With Google Device Management, controlling which users can access resources will be easier. Employee authentication is also more efficient.

6. Powerful analytics

Google MDM provides useful analytics and reports on how mobile devices are used by different employees. This data is easy to comprehend and may include features like graphs.

Through such reports, you can filter data according to the device. Admins can easily know what apps employees use and how they use them.

7. Agentless Mobile Device Management

Your admins won’t have to install any software on employees’ devices most of the time whether Android or iPhone . This will make Google MDM desirable to companies with Bring Your Own Device Policies (BYOD). With this solution, less time will be spent on setting MDM up.

Google Workspace is flexible and suitable for the ever-growing technological needs in companies. Google’s mobile device management software is a great tool for activity management and monitoring. The fact that it is agentless makes it even more suitable for Android and iOS devices.

Google Device Management is also well compatible with Google Workspace ecosystem (formerly G suite) which means if you use both in your company, you will not have to switch from one platform to another.

Google MDM is one of the best solutions available for mobile device management. It has a wide range of features and still ensures the security and privacy of your data. It simplifies administration work and ensures better security for your sensitive and corporate data.

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