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Industrial cybersecurity services are the processes and procedures used to secure industrial control systems and infrastructures from attacks. It is the analysis, monitoring, and control of physical industrials installations to protect them from cyber threats. 

Industrial cybersecurity services are vital since attacks on industrial systems may cause death, substantial financial losses, and destroy production systems.

Industrial cybersecurity services are critical since unprotected industrial systems attract severe attacks, disrupting the operation or delivery of vital services. Industrial system attacks are diverse and can be categorised into:

  • Challenge attacks: The purpose of the hackers is to prove themselves that they can compromise industrial systems.
  • Targeted attacks: Cyber adversaries execute attacks on targeted industrial systems to cause disasters or compromise a specific industry.
  • Non-targeted attacks: Attackers aim to reach as many people as possible without causing severe harm. Examples are virus and spam attacks.

Industrial cybersecurity services serve diverse industries that are the nerve centers of critical infrastructure. These include production chains and units, rail and road infrastructures, energy and water distribution units, and telecommunications.

Comparing Industrial Cybersecurity With Other Types of Cybersecurity

There are fundamentally different challenges and issues in industrial cybersecurity and commercial cybersecurity. 

One of the primary differences is that cybersecurity for commercial enterprise or government agencies purposes to protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of critical operations, information, and IT infrastructure. 

Cyber-attacks affecting such entities may cause financial losses, unauthorised access, and information theft. On the other hand, industrial cybersecurity services involve protecting industrial systems used to manage critical infrastructures. 

An attack on systems like programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), and other factory equipment types may cause extensive and immediate loss of property or life.

Prominent Firms Offering Industrial Cybersecurity Services

1.  Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation provides industrial cybersecurity services to assist organisations to maintain network availability and protect their assets. The services include:

  • Identifying and protect: Rockwell Automation performs security assessments on industrial systems to enable organisations to understand the security posture of their control systems, networks, employee behaviours, and procedures and policies.
    The company’s cybersecurity services teams then assist in developing and implementing solutions to secure the industrials systems using a defence-in-depth approach.
  • Threat detection: Rockwell Automation leverages threat detection systems that provide full visibility and real-time monitoring of the operational technologies to identify and mitigate abnormal network or user behaviours.
  • Respond and recover: Rockwell Automation builds on the expertise of its industrial cybersecurity services team to assist organisations to develop action plans for responding to incidents and minimising damage.

2.  Kaspersky

  • Adaptive cybersecurity framework: Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity provides integrates multiple methods for protecting industrial systems. It utilises a holistic industrial cybersecurity approach to guarantee specialised attack detection and prevention technologies, and proactive response to cyber incidents to ensure safe and uninterrupted functioning.
  • Collaboration with industrial automation vendors: Kaspersky collaborates with leading industrial cybersecurity providers, such as Schneider Electric, Industrial Internet Consortium, among others, to develop compatible, specialised cooperation frameworks and procedures for protecting industrial environments.
  • Specialised industrial cybersecurity services: Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity comprises services and technologies designed to secure industrial layers, including SCADA systems, network connections, PLCs, engineering workstations, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

3.  Schneider Electric

  • Cybersecurity consulting services: The company performs a comprehensive analysis and assessment to reveal security gaps in industrial control systems
  • Designing and implementing services: Schneider Electric implements multiple security layers to protect SCADA systems, enable defence-in-depth, and add layers of PLC and DCS cybersecurity to secure control systems.
  • Security-specific maintenance: The company’s annual maintenance contract assists industrial organisations to remain protected.

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