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All businesses are not the same so you need the right network IT solutions for your business. 

Small businesses need to have a secure, fast and robust network to ensure a steady flow of business activities. If you are not sure of some of the network solutions you need for your business, here is a list you can start with:

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN is a networking approach that enables networks to be controlled centrally through software applications. This enables users of the network to manage and operate the network well and consistently without having to deal with the sophisticated underlying technology. This approach has guaranteed content delivery and it has lower operating costs. 

Routing and Switching

Every business needs routing and switching solutions for network connectivity. These solutions will help in eliminating network blackholes and ensure your business is connected and running smoothly.

Your business needs an available data centre network or even WAN ( Wide area network) or LAN (Local area Network) depending on your requirements or size of your business. 

Application Optimisation and Visibility

You can get insights about how applications in your small business are being handled across your networking environment and get an assessment report. 

The assessment can help in tuning application traffic as it is being delivered and transmitted through your business network. This will greatly improve performance and even help in reducing costs like bandwidth.

This solution will also be helpful in determining what applications or services your business can operate without.

Wireless Surveys

Wireless surveys help in addressing and determining the network coverage needs of your business environment. The survey assesses whether certain network needs fit the future and purpose of your business needs. 

Latest networking tools are used to conduct these surveys and map out capacity and coverage of the intended network area. Once completed, you are provided with detailed documentation concerning the networking aspects of the wireless solution.

Enterprise Mobility

Small businesses need management of mobile devices too. This is important especially for those businesses that employ the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. This is where staff is allowed to carry their own personal devices like laptops for business purposes. 

Managing these devices can be both expensive and distracting. Enterprise mobility network IT solutions help your business in staying secure, productive and efficient. 

This network solution is very critical for your business since you will have control over your employees devices and what activities they can do. Users are among the top agents of cyber threats and although the BYOD policy can be effective, it can be an open door to cyber threats. This is why you need to have an effective network mobility plan for your business.

Network Audits

As humans need health check ups, so do systems and IT networks. A network audit for business networks is similar to a health check up, but for networks. It is done to ensure IT networks are properly maintained and are secure. 

With network audits, you will know if your network topology and devices can function fully at optimal performance. Regular network audits are critical for your business to ensure steady workflow, communication and business flow according to customer’s needs. 

A comprehensive network IT audit will identify if there are any security risks to your network and the protection level the current security systems have. It will also evaluate disaster recovery and back up systems and determine how they can handle tasks. 

Network auditors will also suggest cost effective and working solutions to increase network performance while ensuring security and efficiency. 

Network IT solutions are critical in all businesses. This is why business owners have to find the best solutions available to ensure steady work flow. It is important for business owners to evaluate networking solutions before implementing them. They need to be assured that their choices will work and be durable.

As a business owner, you should also put security as a high priority when choosing a network IT solution. There is no need to choose a solution which will expose your business and make it a target to attackers.

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