IT Teams vs Cybersecurity Companies: The Showdown

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While these two are not natural enemies, companies of all sizes have started to move the waters mixing the responsibilities that each of these teams has.

Often, giving the important responsibility of cybersecurity policies to the IT department and the daunting task of repairing computer systems to cybersecurity companies.

However, this must stop at once before one grants hackers access to a company’s network and the other one does irreparable damage to an institution’s devices. 

The Ultimate Breakdown of Responsibilities

It’s important to understand that while both departments compliment each other, they rarely cross into each other’s fields.

While both teams are highly skilled in the field of technology, they possess different qualities, skills and specialties that need to be taken seriously into consideration by companies of all sizes. 

Responsibilities of the IT Department 

The IT department, that saves the day on a daily basis in a company when you locked your device by accident or need to delete your browser history on your company’s network, is often the most misunderstood department, and not necessarily because it has the most amount of nerds in a company – in a good way, of course!

The main responsibilities of the IT department include:

  • Being responsible for the hardware and software staying in good standing in a company, 
  • Managing and protecting the system applications,
  • Setting up the computer network in the business, 
  • Providing data resource management and protection,
  • Take care of the company’s architectural computer systems,
  • Provide technical support for the company’s devices, 
  • Managing and protecting data resources,
  • Maintain a businesses IT infrastructure for effective operation
  • Among many other responsibilities.

Whether the IT department is made up of one person or a full team, it is still an indispensable part of a company to keep company devices running nice and smoothly. 

Responsibilities of a Cybersecurity Firm

While cybersecurity companies used to not be seen as essential parts of a company, since the turn of the century not only are these companies a plus, but they are a necessity to safeguard a businesses digital presence for their team members and clients alike. 

Some of the most prominent responsibilities and tasks that cybersecurity companies do include:

  • Technical support and maintenance of a company’s network, 
  • Systems auditing,
  • Business backup and data recovery,
  • Cybersecurity advice and protection,
  • Data encryption,
  • Cyber insurance, 
  • 24/7 monitoring services,
  • Data compliance, 
  • Cyber training for staff and head executives,
  • Cybersecurity policy design and implementation,
  • Along with many other services.

Of course not all companies, especially SMBs, count with their own team of cybersecurity experts in house, however most companies opt for outsourcing and using an external company that specialises in cybersecurity, such as Kaesim Cybersecurity. These companies provide tailored services according to the size and needs of a company. 

Understanding Your Company’s Needs

If this is all new to you, it’s important to take the time to consult what your company needs.

Of course, both teams are essential and mandatory to keep your business running and to keep, so whether you will be keeping experts in both fields as full-time employees at all times or outsourcing, it’s imperial that you don’t leave one team behind the other and that you understand how different each expert’s fields are and how much you need them. 

The IT department will always take care of your hardware, which is necessary to upkeep in order to maintain your team running and accomplishing their daily tasks.

The cybersecurity department deals with silent enemies that are waiting for one of your team members to make the wrong move so that they can take away that which you have worked so hard for. 

Do not underestimate the power of having both sets of professional’s working on your side and be wary of not thinking that you can do with just one or the other.

Preparing ahead of time is always a smart decision for companies of all sizes, but if you’re part of an SMB, then you definitely want to have every tool you may need to keep your company sailing smoothly. 

To learn more about what a cybersecurity company can do for your business, contact Kaesim Cybersecurity for a consultation, where you can learn about your businesses’ cybersecurity standing and what you can do to not fall victim to hungry cyber criminals. 

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