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Enterprise cybersecurity is vital for all businesses since cyber threats have become rampant. It consists of the techniques and strategies a company employs to minimise risks of breaches and unauthorised access to protected assets. 

The activities making up enterprise cybersecurity must contain the change and evaluation of business’s enterprise risk management, advancements, and institutionalisation of healthy controls. 

Also, enterprise cybersecurity consists of the personnel, stakeholders, business units, and leadership working together to alleviate cyber threats affecting digital assets.

What Is Enterprise Security?

What most people fail to understand is that enterprise cybersecurity draws together numerous components to ascertain adequate protection. For example, having full visibility of the IT infrastructure and user interactions is a vital tenet of addressing internal and external cyber threats.

As such, enterprise cybersecurity is a complex solution that extends to all levels of a business’s cybersecurity environment. 

While traditional cybersecurity strategies are designed to secure data and systems from common attack methods, enterprise cybersecurity delves deeper into safeguarding information shared on different media types, including wired and wireless transmission, cloud systems, ERPs, and networks.

Therefore, understanding what is enterprise cybersecurity assists businesses to protect their cloud-based solutions as well as on-premise infrastructure. 

Enterprise cybersecurity is also crucial in assessing the security approaches of third-party providers, supply chain partners, and protecting the endpoints connected to a network.

Cybersecurity vs. Enterprise Cybersecurity

There is a stark difference between mere cybersecurity and enterprise cybersecurity. Traditional cybersecurity aims at preventing attacks in cyberspace. In contrast, the sole focus of enterprise cybersecurity is to protect company data and resources from cyber threats. 

Also, traditional cybersecurity deals with crimes like cyber frauds, while enterprise cybersecurity deals with incidents that may disrupt the business operation or disclose sensitive information as a result of unauthorised access. 

Last, cybersecurity professionals are trained to handle advanced persistent threats, while enterprise cybersecurity staff members prioritise the security of resources over mitigating threats and attacks.

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