Cybersecurity: What Does It Mean for Your SMB?

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An experienced cyber criminal can gain access to an individual’s or a business’ network in the blink of an eye. Once someone has gained access to a network, they can control company devices, steal important data from company devices and delete said stored data.

All of this is not done just for fun, it is done with the purpose of making profit at the expense of businesses of all traits all over the world. So, what does this mean for your business? Let’s talk about cybersecurity risks, practices and threats. 

You are a Target 

Cyber attacks always happen to those who expect it the least. Deloitte, an elite member of the Big Four accounting organisations worldwide fell victim to a cyber attack in 2017, despite being one of the best and biggest firms providing cybersecurity services among their array of services. 

The cyber attack was particularly shocking as it was discovered in March 2017, although it is believed that those who orchestrated the attack gained access to Deloitte’s system since October or November of the previous year.

The hack was accomplished by using a single administrator password and username, which was accessed without a 2-step verification process. 

The hack gained access to Deloitte’s staff private and professional information, along with their clients’ emails and other sensitive details that were stored in the Azure cloud service that is used by over 244,000 staff employed by Deloitte. 

So, if it happened to such a prestigious cybersecurity service firm, why wouldn’t it happen to you? 

Security Gaps Found in Your Business

Unfortunately, when it comes to cybersecurity issues, the biggest problem is the people. Cyber criminals act based on what they know for a fact to be simple failures of human nature, which is one of the reasons why phishing is such a popular manner of infiltration to this day. 

The most common way in which infiltrators gain access to a company’s network is by means of a person’s bad and careless habits in a working environment. Here are a few ways in which bad habits can cause a cybersecurity breach:

  1. Using a USB memory stick between work and home devices. 
  2. Accessing corporate email and other confidential corporate information from a home network. 
  3. Clicking on hyperlinks attached to suspicious emails. 
  4. Ignoring suspicious activity on a computer and blaming it on a faulty device. 
  5. Failing to run continuous updates on devices. 

Taking Responsibility for an SMBs Cybersecurity

It’s not only up to the IT department to be aware of the risks that exist in a workplace when it comes to cyber threats, it is also up to the rest of the employees to understand what is at risk when they fail to comply with simple security procedures. 

However, executives cannot simply expect for employees to know and understand how cybersecurity breaches occur.

Education in a workplace must go further than providing training for an employee’s respective work duties, it must also teach how to protect their workplace from these threats, which can also affect their personal lives if their confidential employee information is accessed by a cyber criminal. 

The most effective ways of keeping your team informed is for executives and managers to include cybersecurity policies and procedures in initial training, running surprise drills in coordination with your trusted cybersecurity response team and sending weekly or monthly newsletters with brief information about any possible threats they may face and how to recognise them. 

Everyone is responsible for a business’ cybersecurity, which is why it’s important to keep everyone in the loop and informed about what is expected from them when using work equipment or their personal devices to do their work-related tasks.

There are never too many security measures you can take for your business’ safety, but there is such thing as not being aware enough and putting your company in jeopardy. 

To receive tailored advice about what cybersecurity risks your business faces, you can get in touch with Kaesim Cybersecurity, who will run an assessment on your company’s current security standing, so that you can work with a plan that suits your needs.

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