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As a business owner, you may encounter different technology trends that are likely to help your business grow. With the ever evolving technology, new trends will always be discovered. 

Cloud computing is a concept that originated in the 1960’s but only became mainstream around the 2000’s, and it is now being embraced by many businesses. Cloud IT services deliver different computing services like databases, networking or even servers over the internet.

Basically, the internet is the cloud. This technology offers flexibility, faster innovations and cuts down on cost. As a business owner, you only need to pay for cloud services you will need. You don’t have to pay for cloud databases services if your business doesn’t require them. 

Cloud computing companies provide several services but there are only 3 basic ones. These services are stacked on top of each other.

1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This service also abbreviated as (IaaS) is best for raw computing resources. With this basic service, you can have access to operating systems, virtual machines and servers. Using this service could cut down on costs of buying devices like physical servers. 

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

These services are more focused on software development teams. The environment provided is suitable for managing software activities like testing and developing.

Developers can easily create mobile or web applications without worrying about underlying processes. Such processes include setting up networks or even managing servers. With this service in your business, developing time will always be shorter and easier. 

3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Saas delivers software applications over the internet. You can do this through a subscription and your cloud providers will manage the underlying infrastructure. They will also do any maintenance required like security patching and upgrades. To connect to the application, users connect to the internet using a web browser in supported devices.  

You may use this service for different needs of your business since it is also tailored to support different needs like business analytics. Some examples of Saas you may be aware of are QuickBooks, GoogleApps and Office 365. 

Although the above three services may sum up the uses of the cloud, you might still think it is a sophisticated process. Chances are also that right now your business is already using cloud computing without you even knowing. If you rely on online services to send emails, then that is an example of a cloud service. 

Cloud IT services for businesses typically focus on SaaS solutions which can provide various services for your business such as: 

a. Data storage, backup and recovery.

At times, relying on physical data storage and backup can be inefficient. This is because a disaster like fire may occur in your premises damaging the physical storage devices. Transferring your data to the internet is cost efficient. Data will also be available from any device and location. Your business data is also offsite and in case of an incident like theft, your data will not be compromised. 

b. Cloud hosting

This service will enable sharing different types of information in your business. You can even share email services. With this, time will always be saved and services will be more efficient. 

Cloud computing is a technology that should be integrated in businesses. With this technology, your business related tasks will be well managed and stored. You don’t have to install any applications as you can use them on the cloud as if they were in your office. 

Just imagine if your employees of your small business are working from home and they do not have the right software or applications for business processes, stressing, right? This is why cloud IT services are here to bring your office home with no daunting installations, just the internet and you are good to go. 

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