Balancing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) & Cybersecurity

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From the creators of Bring Your Own Beer/Booze, we now present you with BYOD, the acronym for Bring Your Own Device – to work, of course.

Although this is a convenient solution for SMBs who may not have the resources to provide each employee with their own devices to work from home, businesses face serious security risk exposure with limited control over the employees’ devices. 

In order to keep your employees safe and your company’s digital assets protected, there are many different types of cloud-based endpoint protection tools that can provide you with everything you need to manage the privacy and security controls on all devices used by your staff for work purposes. 

To guide you towards protecting your devices, Kaesim Cybersecurity presents you with 3 essential tips for computer and mobile device security that were taken from The American National Institute of Standards and Technology website.

Invest in Good Security Software

Although you may have the latest version of some sort of free antivirus software downloaded from the web, you are not protected by that alone.

To have the best security protection, you need to use a combination of good security software that will offer you antivirus protection, personal firewalls, spam and web content filtering and a pop up blocking app that can give you all-around protection. 

There are some software programs that provide all of these tools so that you don’t have to search for one specific software that will suit each feature. Furthermore, once you have already installed all of the necessary apps and software to protect your devices, make sure you run periodical scans and updates. 

Protect Your Employees’ Devices 

Due to the investment required to acquire new hardware and equipment for a full company, you may have opted for asking employees and team members to use their personal equipment. If this is the case, there are steps you can take to offer some protection to guard the information that runs through your employees’ devices. 

Perhaps the most important tool to protect information on a foreign device is to provide each team member with personalised company credentials.

These credentials will limit the access an employee will have to certain portals or parts of your company along with being able to give you feedback on your employee’s activity and time stamp of each session. 

Educate Your Staff

Do not underestimate the lack of knowledge that the regular folk tend to have regarding cybersecurity as most people believe proper protection only goes as far as installing some antivirus software.

To avoid having members of your team become vulnerable to a possible breach, it’s important to work with them towards the right education so that they can be informed about the risks employees, clients and the company all face as a result of a cybersecurity hole. 

Prevention is always key when it comes to building and maintaining a successful business afloat, and you can help the process by integrating these techniques and educating your team members about taking these steps to help them protect themselves and your company’s digital assets. 

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